Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reasons to get up today

  • I passed the first test on my online course. 80%, which was exactly the grade required to move on. There are multiple choice questions on ethics ideas, I lost 10% for answering "No" to the questions "Students are expected to appreciate and enjoy all assignments required of them" (ignoring that this is not a question, it's a statement).
  • In trying to write new material for the upcoming Feral Chihuahuas/Rebelles show I came up with a rapidly rejected idea that haunted me all through the night. Trick or treating at a hospital. Kids (maybe those adorable dying ones that you see on hospital drama shows) in little costumes, walking around with their IVs, to the morgue where the coroner takes time out of an autopsy to compliment them on their costumes and give them candy.
  • I promise something funnier than that for the show
  • There will still be a Feral Chihuahuas presence at LAAFF, but it may be just me doing the zombie stand with Jim and Elliot. Still come and laugh.
  • Personal to the guy who leaned out of the truck and tried to push me off the bastard bike while overtaking me on Broadway yesterday afternoon. It's not my fault you have a tiny penis further hidden by that gut that prevented you leaning far enough out the window from getting me. If incidents like this are helping you get through the day, end it now.

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