Friday, August 10, 2007

Karaoke review: Razcal's, Thursday nights

Karaoke is a very guilty pleasure. I can't sing and I have rotten taste in music. Most Asheville karaoke nights see me coming up to the DJ station and immediately crumple my selection. So to find a new haunt is welcoming. It was my first time at Razcals, and it's not a bad place. Woody interiors, large screens very high up on the walls to make sure your neck gets a good workout, cheap PBR. A proper shuffleboard table with real sand.
Extensive karaoke list and though the bar was maybe two-thirds full, not a lot of people were showing off their lyrical stylings. We stayed around two hours and all three of us got to sing twice (the first time in almost a year I've managed to get a second song in).
I took a stab at an actual song and butchered "Live it Up" by Mental as Anything. Songs nobody knows are always safe. Since nobody stabbed me on the way back to the table, I'm assuming nobody was actually paying any attention. Second time up was "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" by Ian Dury. Much more suited to the bastard lyrical stylings.
The big test will come when I return, and attempt to sing again. But this one rated at least four plastic dinosaurs.

Tonight is the penultimate Feral Chihuahuas show at 35 Below. Come out and laugh - featuring an all-new set of stand up!

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