Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 35 Below shows are in the bag

Nearly sold out both shows last night, and for a change it was the later audience (the brave souls who didn't escape until morning) who were the rowdier crowd.
Stand-up went OK, wasn't my best night, though it was a tough week for inspiration. Got a few laughs from both crowds, so I was happy with that. A bit of audience participation saw an old joke slip through in the second set, but apart from that it was all new stuff.
Thanks to both audiences! Shows went well, finale went over well - I wasn't worth much at the after party.
So what next for the bastard and the Feral Chihuahuas. Ferals are going to take a break before the October shows with the Rebelles, November at Revoluticon.
As for George the Bastard, I'm going to take a week or two to breathe and work on my new project to encourage stand-up in Asheville. Watch this space for details!
Tonight is the last show of the Summer Comedy Series, and I'm probably going. It's Greg Brown, Gag Order and the OxyMorons. Where else can you get three acts for $10?

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