Monday, August 20, 2007

Karoke review: MacKells

I always thought this place was a private club, and there's nothing funnier than blundering into a new bar and being told "we don't want bastards in here". Drawn by the lure of 25 cent wings, I joined some fellow ferals at the bar in the shadow of the huge sign proclaiming whatever is going to go up at the top of the hill.

Wings were pretty good, couple of different sauces. I tried the house sauce, which I liked and the hottest one they had which was good but hung around a little too long (8:40 the next morning = too long). Crowd was small initially, people avoiding eye contact with each other. Things got fun when the karaoke started - it appears there's a point where MacKells becomes a hangout for wait staff from other places. The karaoke DJ was open to novelty and obscure songs, and had a pretty huge list. I butchered "Eloise" but I didn't care at that point. Many people smoke, but there's reasonable air circulation.

If you don't have to work on Monday, or your job benefits from feeling seedy, check out karaoke on Sundays at 10pm at MacKells.

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