Sunday, August 19, 2007

The end of the 35 Below Late Night Comedy series

Went to the show last night, Greg Brown/Oxymorons/Gag Order to finish off a full summer of shows at 35 Below. Good but odd crowd last night, seems like a portion of the audience couldn't take any more sustained laughter at intermission and went to Mission to sponge bathe Billy Graham. Gag Order had a particularly good night, I'm going to have to go to one of their shows at the Blue Ridge Performing Arts Center - I like the mix of personalities in the group. Hung out with some assorted Oxymorons later.


Anonymous said...

George the Bastard,

Do you plan on posting any of your stand-up to Youtube? Same re: any of the 35 below shows, which I hated not being able to get out and see (it's been that kind of summer). Thanks --

George the Bastard said...

Anonymous, you're one of my favorite poets. There will be some on the Feral Chihuahuas DVD (target release date in November). It appears that more booking agents are requiring streaming content for auditions, so I'll probably have to put something in a public forum someday, but I prefer to keep my routines out of the public domain. Joke-stealers are everywhere.