Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday it is, and so Mondayitis

Hmmm, another week dawns and what did we learn from the weekend?

  • URTV on Saturday. Thanks Matt for the exposure, it was a very new experience. I had done live-to-tape before (and on commercial TV, where ad breaks can be used for staging and setting). I think I did OK for going in on a few hours notice and thinking it was going to be an interview, and not a URTV-friendly routine. I saw myself later on - I think I came off as pretty much a bastard, I would have liked to spend more time answering questions and not getting filmed as up close as I was. I went straight from the optometrist as well, if you happen to catch a replay, look at the size of my pupils.
  • Oxymorons/Greg Brown show on Saturday. Small but very fun crowd, 35 Below suits the morons, at previous shows there have been too many distractions to really get the full effect. Sarah was terrific at bullying the timider audience members into making suggestions. Greg Brown opened strongly, but started to fall apart and rely too heavily on the paper notes. I'm guily of that too, especially when I'm doing new material (look at my wrists when I do stand-up at 35 below - at comedy clubs I like to take a bottle of beer on stage with me and peel off the label to crib the set list under).
  • The bastardmobile returns today, and it'll be nice to have motorized wheels again. On the other hand, it was good to be back to cycling longer distances, and if I can keep it up I'll be a leaner, meaner bastard. People get good mileage out of seeing me after a show or at caffiend with a bike helmet.
  • FRIDAY IS THE LAST 35 BELOW SHOW OF THE SEASON!!!! We've got some great stuff planned, huge show-stopping ending, singing, dancing, video pieces, brand new stand up and something you never thought you would see at a Feral Chihuahuas show. Get tickets early, this is going to sell out.

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Petulant said...

I look forward to the show on Friday. just got my tickets. I PRAY it is extra OFFENSIVE!