Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy week

Haven't had a lot of time to update. Rehearsals went late last night and I missed the Tom Chalmers/Scott Bunn "Laugh Free or Die Hard" show last night (a ticket went unused, sad).

The big news is that two Feral Chihuahuas will die in the show on Friday. Fans of death and destruction, sketch comedy and fresh-as-filth-can-be standup don't want to miss this one. The first show was very close to sold out this afternoon, but tickets are available for the second show starting 10:15(ish). Wrap party most likely at Scully's.

On top of that we have some great sketches, song, dance, video pieces and a showstopping finale.


Jennifer Saylor said...

LOL thanks for a great show -- I can't believe I actually dragged myself out to ANYTHING starting past 10PM, but 9PM was sold out. "La Resistance" and "Dark Krimson Sadness" my faves. See you at Blogapalooza. :0)

George the Bastard said...

Thanks for coming and staying up, it was great to see you again.