Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shiny and New Jersey

Greetings from a slow scab internet connection in beautiful Hackensack, Newish Jersey. I didn't bring my camera with me, but I think what North Carolina needs to learn from New Jersey is the importance of shiny diners. We have restaurants, we even have diners, but we don't have shiny diners and that's a shame. There needs to be an element of traffic hazard in food options. And nothing says "good food" inside like chrome plating. I like to think that before installation, these diners were dipped into a vat of chromic acid and electroplated, then lifted up by a crane to be placed within inches of a major roadway. And you can check your hair before entering. Hair is not allowed to be out of place in New Jersey, but that's OK, most shiny diners have pomade stations immediately upon entry.


Jennifer Saylor said...

George, if someone was writing an article about an upcoming comedy show, and that someone wanted to mention the local stand-up scene, is there anyone other than you and Greg Brown for her to mention?

That you know of?

George the Bastard said...

There are a few Asheville-based stand-up comedians, but not a lot of performances in Asheville. I can give you some contacts if you send me an email - you probably have at least one email for me, georgethebastard at works as well.

Thanks for remembering the "after blow-job kit" line.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Funniest of the night, IMO.

Anonymous said...

George T. Bastard --

Are there any comedy shows coming up? Are you doing the Caffiend thing again? Updates, man, updates! Thanks!