Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Gloom That Is

Been in Raleigh for bizarro second job. This part of the state is in love with traffic.

R U Funny Asheville is still set to go for Saturday but so far the response has been underwhelming. This is what happens when I promote my own thing, I guess. I got the day wrong on most of the flyers, I was waiting on the OK for the flyers but never got it so I had them printed and sent out. I'm far from a professional writer (gag writers don't need to worry about spelling) and I'm hopeless at proofreading my own stuff.

But if you want a laugh on Saturday night, or some coffee, or want to try your hand at stand-up, Caffiend at 9pm is the place for you! Prizes for being funny, prizes for not being funny.

And now to play with the traffic that Raleigh loves so much.

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Jennifer Saylor said...

What are you doing in Raleigh? Will have to ask you at Blogapalooza.

I AM a professional writer, I wouldn't worry too much about proofing copy for local events. And now you've learned the biggie -- make sure your basic 411 info is correct and complete.

As far as publicity, you can post on BlogAsheville (ask to join, or ask a friend; I'd do it and I bet Gordon would, too) and send out a press release to online local media -- MAIN, the C-T, Mountain X, WCQS, all the local event websites you can think of or find online.

Grassroots publicity is kind of a pain in the ass to do by yourself, but you can be effective without too much work. Just start early, get the word out to local print, online and paper media, and doublecheck your 411 info.