Monday, September 10, 2007


Very odd but fun day at LAAFF that has left me with a hoarse voice. Thanks to Elliot and Jim - Elliot managed to take my natural lack of beauty and transform me into something truly horrific and Jim did a great job with the posters and setup of the "Soil a Zombie" booth. "Soil a Zombie" was set up next to a stage that was mostly slam poetry. I took in a few hours of slam poetry, which I think is best delivered in very small doses of say a third of a poem at the time. I was inspired to write my zombie slam poem, as performed by George the Zombie at the underground arts stage.

"I am a sensitive zombie" - by George the Zombie

9/11. Afghanistan. Iraq. Maybe Iran.
It gets so crowded in my grave
The sacrifices the young men gave
This is not my government.
I used to be underground unfound I astound, around, screams abound unbound. Turn around I found a thousand lies and untruths
It's enough to make you wish you were alive.
But I am not alive. I am not dead. I have no soul. I am a sensitive zombie.
I will eat your brains.
And hate myself for it.

The guys with the eight-foot spitball shooters were really annoying. I got pinged twice on a zombie parade. Maybe they were fans of comedy. I felt sorry for the Oxymorons having to perform with one mic in the middle of the street, but they had the crowd eventually. The PETA guy with the cage of chickens had very little sense of humor, which in a way worked while I was eating his flyer. I rather enjoyed the Laugh Out Loud ale made by French Broad for the festival, it was a good outside-drinking beer.


ash said...

nice poem.
come over to Ashvegas to see your pic.

George the Bastard said...

Thanks ash, but you've got the wrong zombie.