Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Immigration of a nation

The last of my paperwork came through this morning - I have now officially changed status and am an immigrant.

It's been an intriguing trip in general, what I'm looking forward to the most is next time I travel overseas, I can use the slim, streamlined "U.S. Only" corrals at customs and passport check. There are few more lonely than the internationals, the non-immigrants standing looking forlornly at the empty lines and open booths that are not for them. Soon I will be grinningly stupid at the non-immigrants as I breeze back into the country. Ha ha to you.

R U Funny Asheville is on September 16, 9pm at Caffiend - flyers and posters are in production. Sign up for a five-minute stand-up spot or just come along to laugh, drink coffee and have a good time.


shadmarsh said...

You should be receiving your complimentary welfare cheque and Cadillic shortly.

Gordon Smith said...

Immigrant? But you're not even Mexican.