Sunday, September 23, 2007

Brewgrass the 11th

And my eighth. Woke myself up out of the funk I've been in since Jonathan passed, and headed to the mecca for an awesome day, I really needed that fun.

Can't even begin to describe how well things were set up this year. I rarely had to wait in line for a beer and although the lines were long, the new ticketing system appears to have worked. I did the print-at-home tickets, and was scanned straight in after about 25 minutes in line at 12:28. The food selection was a notch up from previous years, and there was room a plenty.

Ran into many many friends, didn't see many of the blog set. I remembered my camera this time, and since I'm not usually one for taking a lot of photos, I ran wild.

here's my flickr set of brewgrass

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