Thursday, September 20, 2007

Get your tickets!

The Halloween show with the Rebelles is on October 26 and 27. I am not appearing in the show, but have had a hand in writing it, and this is going to be one wild, funny, sexy show!

Get your tickets ($20) at the Grey Eagle website or from one of the ticket venues (Orbit DVD, Harvest Records or the Grey Eagle itself). These shows will sell out!

Still reeling from the John Waters experience last night. I'd read his books, seen his movies, and got a chance to share a quick quip. What a guy - he was all over the loving from the fans and patiently signed anything brought up to him. There's a picture of the two of us that will hopefully appear on this space soon. I loved the suggestions of civil disobedience, his take on how to treat politicians who are against gay marriage, and his Larry Craig material was pretty close to mine, which I'll take as a compliment.

Alice in Chains is playing at Thomas Wolfe? WTF? Are the opening acts going to be the Doors, T-Rex and Queen?

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