Saturday, September 15, 2007

Intractably difficult crosswords redux

I was checking over the answers to the Times Jumbo crossword from two weeks ago (the solutions come two weeks later), and I was a little curious as to why the crossword had a Beatrix Potter theme. The answer to 1 across was Beatrix Potter and several of the other answers were Beatrix Potter characters. A little googling later, I found a solvers blog entry agreeing that there didn't really seem to be a chronological reason for a Beatrix Potter puzzle.

It didn't mention that among the Beatrix Potter answers, there was also X-RATED, HOT TUB, OPIUM DEN, BELLY BUTTON and MANHATTAN PROJECT. A nice mix of words.

The Times Crossword blog had a link to another log for people solving the Listener crossword.

I shall soon be a shut-in.

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