Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Woosh goes the week

Welcome to stupor Tuesday. Bastardoke last night was a hoot, I'll keep you informed as to whether it is to be a regular thing, but the Rocket Club was such a fun place to do karaoke, with the huge stage and massive speakers. I need to get out and bellow "Fox on the Run" more often.

URTV are showing the shows from Fringe at various points during the week (thanks to the Rev. Johnny!) so if you want to catch "Fecal Matters", keep your TV tuned to URTV non-stop, like you already do. According to the schedule, it's on tonight from 10pm-midnight, and then tomorrow, tomorrow night at midnight, Friday night at 9pm and early in the morning on Saturday.

Still putting the final touches on my piece for No Shame Theatre this weekend, I can't wait to see how much people hate it, this is five minutes of truly puerile scriptwriting. Actors needed!

And in a piece of non-bastardness, tomorrow is Think Pink Day for breast cancer research. If you wear pink tomorrow and donate $2, you get free entry to the UNCA Women's basketball team playing Losethrop at 7pm. Look for George the Bastard in the crowd!

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