Saturday, February 2, 2008


I'm getting ready to head over to the Justice Center to watch the Big Game. The one that matters for the proud city of Asheville, with mid-season bragging rights at stake, UNC-Asheville (6-0) is going to take on Losethrop (5-1).

One of the first basketball games I went to in Asheville was UNCA v Losethrop. The mascot for Losethrop (a sparrow) had brought a toy bulldog and proceeded to do wrestling moves on it, and dry-hump it. This was probably the most tasteful act that a Losethrop supporter enacted that day.

Losethrop is an ugly school in a suburb of Charlotte so far flung it is not even in the same state. Andie MacDowell was sensible enough to quit going there. Their fans are a bunch of grotesque caricatures with no sense of personal space or hygiene. Their team is mostly thugs, with almost 100 personal fouls lead on UNCA. I hope Kenny George brings his flak jacket, he's going to get chopped from all angles.

I hope UNCA kills Losethrop. I hope I make it through the game. If I do, I'll see many of you at the Rocket Club tonight.


shadmarsh said...

did you paint yourself blue?

George the Bastard said...

I wore blue... by the way, that was some game, particularly the second half. You usually have to rent DVDs to see such a spanking.