Friday, February 1, 2008

Unfortunately choice of headline

The Citizen-Times has chosen a headline to make the Toughman competition sound rather gay.

Not sure if I'm going to make it down to the Civic Center tonight, but the first round of Toughman is always an excellent evening out. Skip the finals, the first round is where it's at. Lack of experience takes on lack of judgement and the man boobs will go flying. It was at the first round last year when the psycopathic pacifist, Travis O'Guin (a former Feral Chihuahua) made his boxing debut and got through to the second round.

I'm planning on going to the blogger thing at the Rocket Club. Might as well use that membership, maybe I can sign in everyone as guests of the bastard.

Next piece of planned upcoming bastardry is February 9 - I'm submitting a really weird piece to No Shame Theatre. Anyone interested in acting? Right now I think I'll need one female and three male roles, one lucky guy gets to lay on the floor for the whole piece.

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