Monday, October 15, 2007

Next Feral Chihuahuas show

Busy Feral Chihuahuas have four shows in eight days coming up soon.

October 26-27 at the Grey Eagle with the Rebelles. George the Bastard free shows - there will be no George the Bastard onstage guaranteed (I'll be in the audience on the 26th).

November 2 at 35 Below. $10. Shows at 9pm and 10:30(ish) pm. George the Bastard stands up to open. Looks like there'll be three brand-new George the Bastard sketches at this show.

November 3 at Revoluticon. $15 for a day pass to the con gets you a day of festivities followed by a special sci-fi themed Feral Chihuahuas performance.

If anyone reading feels like cross-posting to BlogAsheville, I'll be in danger of losing my trophy.

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