Thursday, October 25, 2007

Feral Chihuahuas Media Onslaught!

I'm pleased to see the upcoming shows getting a bit of press (admittedly, we're piggybacking on the notoriety of the last show of the Rebelles).

Mountain X has a story on the show and the Rebelles (and a picture where if you look very carefully you can see George the Bastard near the middle back)

Out In Asheville mentions the show as well and has some nice things to say about the Chihuahuas

I was told last night there was an article in the Laurel of Asheville, but I can't find it, not sure if the November issue is out yet.

But I'm most pleased when we pop up on the strangest sites.

Thank you!

But my favorite is definitely the mention at VampireFreaks!

Hope to see some of you at the show on Friday.

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