Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who brings a sword to a show???

I couldn't concentrate at the Oxymorons show last night. It wasn't a bad show (started off really really slowly, but picked up near the end). It wasn't a bad venue, there were sofas, and I snatched a table where I could drink coffee, eat stale pie (re-re-microwaved and lubricated with coffee it was edible), and sneak time on the crossword during the down periods in the show.

But there was a kid sitting right in front of me with a sword!

Buddha Bagels forgot to put the "No swords allowed" sign up next to the "No concealed weapons", "no fake ninjas", "no creative anachronists" and "did I forget to mention, this is a bagel place, you probably don't need a sword in here".

All through the show, this kid just kept playing with the sheath of the sword (or is it a scabbard?)... there's something Freudian there for all of us. An in a more Freudian sense, he managed to resist taking it out for the entire show.

Maybe this is the in thing with the kids these days, and to seem hip, I should bring a grenade to the Winter Beer Warmer this weekend?

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