Sunday, January 18, 2009

Robot Johnson

Made it to the Robot Johnson show last night - I'd seen their big show at the Blumenthal Center over summer, their winter home is the Charlotte Comedy Theatre. The Charlotte Comedy Theatre reminds me a lot of the Shed, looks like about a 35-seater, a room in the back hall of a bar (The Graduate). I'd been there before for an improv show, but this time the noise from the bar was a bit more intrusive into the show. To add to the distraction it was a bit of a cat-calling audience.

Overall I enjoyed this show more than the one at Blumenthal - the writing was very good, the acting for such a small place was excellent and it was funny as hell. A lot of short sketches flashing by, so the opportunity for hit-or-miss, but most of them were hits. Odd ending though, I thought the ender was a sketch about a North Carolina redneck pitching movie ideas, since it was about the only sketch that had all of the cast members on stage (I've liked the Feral Chihuahuas direction where we've been ending on a full-caster).

Check out Robot Johnson if you're in Charlotte - they're on at 10pm at the Carolina Comedy Theatre.


Brandon said...

Mr. Bastard, you are always welcome in our home. Thanks for the kudos and such.

Graham said...

Your not-hate for us makes us weep with joy. Pleased to have made your aquaintance, good sir.