Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Relive the Feral Chihuahuas season in camera-captured moments

Tommy has posted some awesome pictures from the 35 Below run this summer

Next Feral Chihuahuas show is going to be on October 30th - and for those of you who don't like me, I won't be performing in this one, but I'll be doing some writing for it.


Graham said...

As a member of Charlotte's Robot Johnson ( troupe, I can tell that that is a bottle of "beer" in that gent's hand.

However I can not see the label so I can not tell if that is a fancy comic person or a down to earth comic person.

Is it a Bud or an imported Slovakian CXCYXZCYxycz Ale Light?

-RJ's OddBot

PS: Please tell me that there were many more episodes of the sign language rapper.

George the Bastard said...

OddBot! I didn't manage to get back out to Charlotte to see another episode of your show, still got good memories of the opening show of the season (after I eventually found the right Blooming Thal theatre)

That's Asheville's finest Highland Gaelic Ale in the bottle - eventually 35 Below lost the plot and also had blood and blood light available at shows. You guys had fancy schmancy mixed drinks, but ours only cost $3

That was the only sketch about the rapper, but it changes some each time we do it live.

My email should be somewhere on the RJ account if you want to get in touch

Graham said...

I recall. Leave it up to a Charlotte comedy group to get an IT wannabe on their crew, so I spotted your blog and have read for a while. And like all good blog readers, I refused to comment. UNTIL NOW!

I haven't been to Asheville since I went up there to catch Rilo Kiley at the Orange Peel. I believe the Rilo Kiley folks were having their pseudo after party at the thirsty monk. I am a sucker for any religious based bars.

Apparently people in Asheville blog about everything.

There's a beer blog about Asheville beer.
That's crazy. Oxygen deprived crazy.

Also, we're back in less fancy accomodations starting next week. Back to our humble bar roots. Were you aware that people watching comedy loved fried foods and drink specials?

Are you implying that sketch comedy deviates from a script and perhaps becomes that other comedy form of which we shant speak?


And yes, its impossible to find anything in specific in Charlotte. Theaters are shoehorned in between bank headquarters. With any luck this damn economy will just collapse, destroy the buildings and make it much easier to find your way around uptown in the post-apocalyptic mel gibson dream we've all waited for.