Monday, October 6, 2008

Are you ready for some Chihuahuas?

The Hallolection Spectacular is coming to 35 Below on Thursday, October 30. We went through the scripts last night and there's going to be a lot of exciting new Halloween and Election material, a musical guest and some crazy moments.

Tickets will be on sale soon - we won't be selling through the ACT box office this time, so check back here (or look at the posters that will be dotting town soon) for ticket details.

There will be no George "the" Bastard in the show, but I've written some material for it - those of you who caught my "Zombie Stand Up" at LAAFF last year may recognize one of the themes.

I am planning on being at No Shame Theatre on Saturday with some material to work on - if your life's ambition is to play a part in a Bastard piece, show up at 10pm.

I'm also excited about GWAR tonight - if you're going, wear something disposable!

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