Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My ears are still ringing from last night's show (earplugs are for those who care about their hearing).

Amusing start to the evening, I had a craving for some Mo Daddy's chicken, so I headed downtown to get something to eat and wait for Dickie "Ricardo" Davis. I fell foul of the "Closed on Monday" syndrome that hits a lot of bars, and all that was in front of Mo Daddys was some tool trying to impress some kids that he knew GWAR. Classy.

Ed Boudreaux was the back-up stop (love their red beans and rice), so a food-and-wedge-brewing-beer pitstop later, we're ready to hit the show. Looked like there was still ahuge line to get in about 15 minutes after showtime, but that wasn't the case, they'd just excommunicated smokers to Biltmore Ave, and woebetide any cars that were thinking of making a right-hand turn onto Hilliard.

I missed the first opener, but the second one, Kingdom of Sorrow were hysterical on many levels. They are apparently members of Hatebreed/Crowbar/Puddle of Mud who weren't feeling satisfied with the amount of posturing and sludge guitar playing they could get in their own bands. They were loud, and really did sound like three guys doing their own thing kind of with the drummer. The frontman, who I think had stolen Fred Durst's bandana and was wearing it like a talisman, was encouraging the crowd to circle dance and make fist signs. They weren't that bad, but I wouldn't want to see them as a headliner.

GWAR were pretty amazing. I wished I'd seen them while Slymenstra Hymen was still there, but the return of Sleazy P Martini is a good thing. How Flattus Maximus manages to stay upright for the whole show and climb up on stage is a mystery. They stuck largely to the grind/sludge stuff, and hardly did any of the more theatrical numbers, but the stage acts were awesome. Plenty of public figures got destroyed (the end of Hillary Clinton was my favorite), and blood of several colors gave the audience a good soaking. I took a turn in the mosh pit to get a good blood coating - moshing now is more a surge and swell deal - moshing went on during the theatrical bits, so it wasn't as much fun, I sneaked back to the bar (occasionally a few moshes broke out at the bar - not cool, bar for drinking, pit for moshing).

As to be expected, absolutlely nothing from "We Kill Everything" (am I the only one who likes that CD)? But all the classics - "We've got the Bomb", "War is all we Know", "Reaganator", "Gor Gor" and many more. The blood has a slightly sweet smell, and made my bath towel look pretty cool when I got home.

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