Thursday, May 1, 2008

R.I.P. the Woodfin Theater Shack


It's been a while since we did any shows in there, but we've been rehearsing, meeting, and hanging out in the venerable institution that was the Woodfin Theater Shack (aka "The Shed"). And on Wednesday night, with Liz and Jay on their way to bigger and better things in Chicago, it was time to say good-night to the shed.


The karaoke was set up to rock the shed, there was food and random booze (who would have thought that a margarita made with sour mix and Indiana's finest tequila could taste so good). It was a little unfortunate that the tradition of Woodfin's finest coming to ask us to keep it down didn't materialize, I was looking forward to one last pseudointellectual conversation with Woodfin 5-O.


The flats were gone from inside, for a little while the curtains were still in place - you can see what used to be the backstage where Liz is sitting at the DJ station. Dicky ran the lights and sound for our shows from that little corner desk. The shelves behind Jay were where the props were set up, the mirror reminded me of trying to figure out if I had wigs on properly in the pitch blackness. Slats were propped up against those beams above Jay's head.

I wonder if anyone will now try to park a car in there?


Forrest said...

Sonofamotherfuckingbitch! I can't believe I missed it. Are Jay and Liz going to be around for the summer comedy series at ACT?

George the Bastard said...

Hey forrest - we really need to get each other's contact information at some point. I have no idea who was telling everyone about the end of the shed party. Liz and Jay have moved - I'm going to miss them.