Monday, May 12, 2008

No Mountain Xpress for you, Bastard (edited)

The same day that I get a mention in Brian Postelle's Blog Log (thanks Brian), I had my first comment disallowed on the Mountain Xpress message boards. About time someone kept the public safe from the Bastard. (edit - the comment went up. It was a pretty lame provocative joke, but it went up anyway).

After a script meeting last night (where an idea I had some concerns over was met by a lot of laughter, so I'll keep running with it), we watched the tape of the last year's Halloween show. Been a long time since I've watched my stand-up on tape, and I remember blogging that I didn't get a great response on the first set, but on the tape, there were a lot more laughs than I remember. I also look pretty evil when I smile, I like that look.

Watching the rest of the show... both Andrew and I talked at the end about needing to watch the pacing. We zoomed through some lines that were getting laughs and wouldn't have been heard by the audience. I'm working on my acting, but I'm still a truly abysmal actor, especially if I have to stand around in a character for any period of time. I fidget too much. And I can't do accents to save myself.

I'm going on the road this week to hone my stand-up skills and re-work some old material. There's a routine I used to do in Canada (actually I did it once at the former Asheville Comedy Club, but there were only about 8 people in the audience) that I want to bring back - it uses audience participation, and that hasn't been a hallmark of George "The" Bastard.

I'll be back in Asheville for the weekend, and planning to bring something truly weird to No Shame on Saturday May 17th (just in time for you to vote for it, if you like it, for the Best of No Shame).

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