Monday, March 2, 2009

Mountain's Most Wanted?

Ashevegas tipped me off to this, and it's a great read while you're procrastinating writing scripts for the upcoming Feral Chihuahuas show.

"Mountain's Most Wanted" on the Buncombe County website.

Wow, do we have some ghetto criminals in the mountains, but their nicknames are great. What I think the County is missing is the chance to shame them into getting caught with the wanted poster. These wanted posters make them look kind of... well... cool.

I know he's a "most wanted" but really? JT Money?

Dear Buncombe County - let George "the" Bastard do your wanted posters.

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shadmarsh said...

What a co-wink-e-dink Tickle-me-poppyseed is one of my nicknames!