Friday, August 1, 2008

Why you need to see the Feral Chihuahuas on Saturday night

The top 10 reasons to get a ticket to see the Feral Chihuahuas at 35 Below on Saturday (two shows, 8:00pm and 9:30pm)

  1. I will do a death scene on stage. Live out all your fantasies of the demise of George "the" Bastard by watching his very first death scene
  2. For only $10 you will be getting eight brand new never-before performed sketches, and three exclusive film pieces. Laugh five times at each of them and you're paying less than a quarter a laugh!
  3. New stand-up from George "the" Bastard before the show
  4. A musical guest that is really going to leave a lasting impression on you
  5. George "the" Bastard sings again!
  6. I get shoved to the ground in one sketch - live out all your fantasies of physical harm being done to the Bastard by seeing physical harm done to the Bastard.
  7. You can buy wine and beer at the show, and learn about local businesses who sponsor us
  8. Someone will say "vying"
  9. Sitting in the near darkness with 40 people you don't know is holistic and satisfying
  10. This is your only chance to see this show - every show is different.
See you there!

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