Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Summer Season is Over!

With last night's two mega-shows, the Feral Chihuahuas are taking a little break now - next on the Chihuahua horizon is to edit the shows together for a package for URTV and to try to get into a few more festivals. Next on the Bastard front is to put together some home-grown stand-up shows - watch this space for more details soon.

I was really happy with both shows - stand-up went over well before the start of each show, though those were jokes I hadn't really tried on anyone and wasn't sure if they would get laughs.

It was an odd show for me personally, since I was out of town for most of the week I had limited appearances in sketches (if you were keeping count, I played cops in three sketches and waiters in two sketches), and didn't do much interacting with the other characters. Took me back to when I first started with Feral Chihuahuas where I was mostly a writer and did very little acting.

Thanks to the audiences who got plenty of action for their ten bucks and were loud and into the action for both shows. Thanks also to the staff at ACT who let us go a little long (oops).

Before the show, Tommy made up some pretty nice cards for us all with a color version of the graphic from the playbill last night (the picture of me from the barbershop quartet is particularly disturbing). I'll get the graphic up on here soon.

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