Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show #7... what a doozy

Sometimes things go right, sometimes things go wrong. Show 7 was a tale of two shows - for the first show, everything went wrong, for the second show, everything went right. Technical difficulties, awkward moments, jokes that I found a lot funnier than the audience did, that's what happened.

The audience that waited patiently for the second show had a great time - everything that went wrong in the first show went right in the second show. Even some of the jokes that died - either they were really funny or the second audience had the advantage of a few extra hours drinking or a bit of both.

There's only three shows left!!! And each one of them is going to be special in it's own way.

This Saturday is going to be a wild show. Where else can you get all this for $10

  • New stand-up comedy from George "The" Bastard - never before heard jokes (and maybe never to be heard again)
  • Three brand new film pieces, including the return of Monsieur Shinyhead
  • A guest appearance from a former Rebelle
  • The latest song from Calloway and Bastard Productions, performed live by the diva to end all divas, Cherdonna
  • A tweaked up version of a script that went down well at No Shame Theatre last year
  • The second great debate between Terry Doyle and Douglas Munson - are you voting Republicrat or Plebitarian?
  • An Esperanto exchange student?
... and many more live sketches by the Feral Chihuahuas. Get your tickets now!

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