Friday, April 25, 2008

Tim and Eric's Oarsome show

A quick scan of the crowd, I was about the oldest in the audience by a good 5 years. Often a sign of a show I'm going to enjoy. The crowd was clearly huge fans and insomniacs (I don't think the show ever airs before 11:30pm?), I saw a dozen or so friends scattered in the audience.

Not a bad format for a two-person sketch group, they used video intros to get into their sketches, which were mostly songs and prop/costume sets. Which is a pity, probably the funniest bit was when they went out of character at the end. The video pieces were very well done and relied less on the visual effects that the first two series had. I'm hoping for more of the video editing, I was also hoping to get to see Tim's creepy female character live, but no such luck.

Overall a very fun show, and I don't know if they've ever heard of him but they channelled Chris Langham perfectly! I was hoping they'd go all the way and throw eggs at the audience, but no luck. I was standing near the back in "standard old guy" position, so I was relatively safe.

To keep the cultural bent alive, look for a review of "As much Tartuffe as I can stand" tomorrow.

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