Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fortune smiles on the bastard

I need to write some more self-help material. On my way back, I got delayed in Houston and Continental were looking for volunteers to stay another day, reward being some airport food and a voucher for a free return flight in the US. Within minutes I had volunteered, and Richard the Bastard was on his way to pick me up from the Houston airport.

Houston on a Friday night is highly recommended. Gas stations that put out ice-buckets full of 40s to get your weekend started right. They even have a wide range of brown paper bags for your beveragey enjoyment.

And now the announcement that everyone has been waiting for - the Feral Chihuahuas are back! New faces (except mine, sorry), new material, NEW NIGHT!!!

Finally sketch comedy on Saturday is going to be funny again. Season starts on Saturday June 14 at 35 Below and will run for nine shows (with breaks for July 4th weekend and Bele Chere). More details on the 35 Below Summer Comedy series will be forthcoming, watch this space.

I'm planning on coming to No Shame Theatre this Saturday to find hapless actors to run through a new George the Bastard piece, so if you want to stretch your acting taste limits, come on down. I heard that one of my old pieces was on rotation on URTV. If anyone from No Shame is reading this, the video from Feb seems to be broken on google video. "Autoerotic Ashphyxiation" was too much for them.

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