Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, Monday

Feral Chihuahua auditions continued through the weekends. I think there is something fundamentally wrong to have me be a judge of talent. If you can act, sing, or write funny material you're already one up on me, and I shouldn't be playing thumbs up and thumbs down. I'm not the Simon Cowell of the Feral Chihuahuas, I'm more like the Sanjaya of the Feral Chihuahuas, only old and fat (kind of like Sanjaya these days).

Karaoke tonight at the Rocket Club! All sorts of fun people are starting to come out to karaoke. I'm thinking of not singing tonight, but just karaokeing being an FM DJ, talking over the start of the song until the lyrics come in.

I got my first piece of anonymous yahoo hatemail in years over the weekend! I feel like I'm finally making it. Thanks "joe blo" and keep 'em coming!

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Anonymous said...

Hatemail, eh? Wow, you're really moving up in the world. People are actually lsitening to you...only to be repulsed a moment later. I'm sure it wasn't eloquent.