Friday, December 21, 2007

Roadside Assistance, Australian style.

There are some great advantages to living in the US. One is roadside assistance. The Bastardmobile is pretty reliable, but my previous car, the seatless wonder, was a Saturn well past the use-by date and required regular jump-starting, pulling out of ditches and if you're too drunk to drive, the 100 miles of towing that comes with AAA Plus is cheaper than taxis. However the Melbourne equivlalent, RACV, I believe operates two roadside assistance vans for the entire state of Victoria.

Last night, Richard the Bastard and I were on our way back from Melbourne, and the car would not start. Tried getting a jump start off of a passing random person, but no luck. Roadside assistance time, 9:45pm, Friday night.

It could be up to two hours.

There was some kind of rave going on in an abandoned flour mill (where I used to work) nearby. They had attack dogs guarding the place, I guess they let you in if you had the right color of glowstick.

At 10:30 there was a power outage. So much for the rave.

Called again, 11:55pm. Yes, we're still on the waiting list. Probably another 45 minutes. "It's taking a while, it's kind of icky out".

Power came back on again at 12:30 am. Nice hazy glow.

1:15 am. Here's roadside assistance. Tests the battery, battery is messed up. Uses the superjumper (turned up to 20V) - we're in action. You're going to need a new battery when you get back, but provided you don't stall or anything on the way home, you should be OK.

Guess who you need to call to get a new battery... the waiting continus.

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