Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you smarter than a bastard?

Nina Pell, pictured above with the two-tone head, just won the London Times sudoku championship. She finished four difficult sudoku puzzles in 18 minutes.

I thought I'd have a bash at them, my times were 8 minutes for the first, 5 minutes for the second, 7 minutes for the third, and then I made a mess of the last one and took 16 minutes for a grand total of 36 minutes. My head was swimming near the end.

Try them if you dare - let me know how you fared.


Ursula said...

When I first started doing sudoku puzzles I was really good at them, and I'm discovering that I'm actually getting slower and worse at them over time. Are they getting harder or am I getting dumber?

also, when I say the word "sudoku" I always think "kudzu"

George the Bastard said...

I think over the last two years or so, putting them together has become more of an art and so they can be set with a higher difficulty level.

There's a trick to getting through the really tough ones, here is the link