Monday, July 28, 2008

BlogAsheville get-together

It was good to see a bunch of people on Friday night at the Wedgie brewery. What hit me the most was the number of people who were just there hanging out, not necessarily blog people. That made for a bit of confusion - Gordon from Scrutiny Hooligans and I got there at about the same time, and Gordon's idea of having the two of us wear nametags and seeing who we could go up to and convince them that they were a blogger worked.

Wedge brewing have the Bastard seal of approval. I'd had their Iron Rail IPA before, and it was tasty, hoppy but not a mouthful of hops (if you want to try a mouthful of hops have a suck on a Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.), and I'd had their porter (at the Bruisin' Ales tasting at the tourists game). I had not tried their Pale Ale, which tasted almost exactly the same as Asheville Brewings Pisgaish Pale. There was a high-gravity beer that I don't recall being blown away by, but it wasn't too sweet. Their wheat beer, however is a stand-out! Awesome color, very easy to drink, highly recommended.

In the time-honored tradition, blogging about bloggers...
  • Jodi from My Life in Cake is a scream, and her cupcakes were delicious, even if they were vegan. I had to console myself that at least the coffee component in them was a raping of the earth. More ox blood!
  • Zen had a particularly stylish entrance, until he left his bike's light on
  • Arratik was wearing a hysterical t-shirt, and I think we need to bring back wearing t-shirts from dead websites.
  • The guys from Asheville Now (looking like the Woodfin Mafia) were there looking slick and pattery. I might have pissed them off, since there's no listing for the Feral Chihuahuas show this Saturday (8pm and 9:30pm, buy tickets now) on their site.
  • AM from My Weaverville is good for a laugh. I hope she branches out and starts the sites My Forks of Ivy and Their Reynolds Mountain
  • I can't remember the name of the person I bullied who runs a Carl Mumpower site, but I hope you're recovering from our conversation
  • It was good to see other random people I haven't caught up with in a while - Rev Johnny, Felicity, and the Freeborn chap.
If you weren't there, you didn't spend money on beer.


shadmarsh said...

I was there, just in disguise. Great beer.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Dang. So sorry I missed it!