Monday, July 14, 2008

Bastard movie review: Wall-E

There's some utter awesomeness in Wall-E.

Good ideas:

  • Make a movie and have Fred Willard be the only person in it. He appears to be either President or CEO of earth in this movie, and I would feel much better knowing that Fred Willard is in charge of my life.
  • Restrict the big-name voice actors to saying the one line over and over "Hey, Sigourney, can you say "Wall-E" with three different inflections, and we're good to go", and have the main speaking role be done by Jeff Garlin.
  • Have a robot love story, therefore leading to oily, gear-grinding robot sex
Bad ideas:
  • No robot sex
  • Repetitive beeping noises. Couldn't you afford Einst├╝rzende Neubauten for the soundtrack?
  • Floating somewhere between an uber-preachy ecosploitation movie and a sexless robot love story
Overall it was OK. The short film before it was worth seeing, and I liked the air conditioning.

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