Monday, June 23, 2008

Wearing coffee

If there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that I will have poured coffee over either an item of clothing or myself before the end of the morning. Maybe this is what is wrong with education, we don't teach young people how to drink coffee without getting half of it on your shorts. That's my excuse for the brown stains and I'm sticking to it.

Sad to hear about George Carlin this morning. Saw him about 15 years ago and he was funny and abrasive - he really knew how to push the buttons of an audience. I was an aspiring stand-up comic (how things change) and was in awe of his command of the crowd. Now I feel bad about not going to his show in Asheville, but I really couldn't afford it at the time.

What a weekend! The first show was a sell-out and went well. The new chihuahuas did an excellent job in both writing and performing, and I got to try out an American accent (the thing I hate the most about my acting is that I can't lose my natural voice, so any accents sound really forced - Peter Sellers had the same thing going for him, but it didn't stop him). One thing I miss about our tight schedule is that I don't really get to talk to the audience after the first show - if you were there, feel free to leave feedback on the blog about what worked, what didn't, what you'd like to see. I had to grab something from outside between shows and met a really funny couple who had never seen the show before and wanted to know how we had so many wigs.

The second show was probably the closest to a perfect line-through we are ever going to get. We didn't quite sell out the second show, but we had the rowdier crowd, and I love rowdy! Got to talk to a few people after the second show who had never been before and had a good time.

I had to bolt from our show to the best of No Shame show at NC Stage. Chall and Jonathan did a great job of putting it together, since the No Shamers are a pretty raggedy bunch. I had seen most of the pieces before - I hadn't seen Jim Julien's taste bud thing before and it was pretty awesome. Jim must spend 23 hours a day making costumes, signs and props (Jim, if you're reading this, what was in the flap under your hat?). Feral Chihuahuas ruled the Best of No Shame, as both myself and Kevin Anderson had pieces performed.

Karen Stobbe was at No Shame as well - she and Mondy Carter have a show coming up in the 35 Below Comedy series that should be worth a look. Mondy takes clean(ish) improv to an impressive new level.

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