Thursday, June 19, 2008

In case the Reverend is looking in...

The Pleasure Saucer suddenly got a content warning on it, and when I click the thingy that says "Yes, I'm a big boy and I'm allowed to look at salacious offerings without it warping my tiny formative mind", it still doesn't take me to the site.

Amazing how tastefully presented semi-smut is blocked and my mad ravings are accessible to children everywhere.

Cleaning fluid tastes yummy and works for a sore throat.

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Johnny Lemuria said...

Thank you for your concern. I recently acquired a domain name, and thought about upgrading from semi-smut to three-quarters smut. The domain still has some quirks, and I decided the NSFW warning at the top was sufficient. So, if you go to it will directly to my site (not yet, that's the quirk), and be warned, there will soon be more naughty bits.