Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Piss-poor drivers for Ron Paul

Add to the list of indicators of poor driving, the Ron Paul sticker. Last two cars who have tried to knock me off the bastard bike and one very impressive act of driving right down the middle of a two-lane road at 5 miles below the speed limit yesterday have all boasted the Ron Paul 08 sticker of poor quality driving.

Yesterday's car scores the double for the Florida tag as well.

George the Bastards list of things that indicate bad drivers

- driver is wearing a hat (other than a baseball cap)
- Quebec registration tag ("Je me souviens" is Quebecois for "Turn without warning")
- Ron Paul sticker
- Florida tag
- Nissan Sentras
- Fraternal Order of Police sticker

anyone got any others?


shadmarsh said...

I generally give vehicles sporting Confederate paraphernalia a wide girth. Also any car that has more than 4 bumperstickers is generally a bad sign.

Gordon Smith said...

Cars with passengers' feet hanging out of the window(s).

George the Bastard said...

I'd check the color of the feet hanging out the window - if they're blue then the driver could be in a hurry.

arratik said...

I think you're on to something here, George. I remembered this tidbit from Wonkette about a month and a half ago:

"I was driving home from work tonight [9/24] in Alexandria and got behind a car with Congressional plates from Texas’ 14th District. This car in question happened to run a red light. Guess who’s the Congressman from Texas’ 14th… Yep, Ron Paul"

timpeck said...

For a long period of time there was a high statistical correlation between the number of semicolons on the front page of The New York Times and the number of deaths among widows in a certain part of India.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the hats and my own observation is caution around folks who you can't see from behind, the "driverless" car syndrome. No head above the seat, give wide berth.

Anonymous said...


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