Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reasons to get up today

  • I have to think of an appropriate response to "Laugh Your Asheville Off". The article in the Mountain Xpress this week made me even more pissed off. I am not upset at not being booked on the show, I haven't done a set in a Comedy Zone or a Summit Comedy venue for about three years. I am upset at the lip service Feral Chihuahuas is given, in the opening paragraph no less as improv. The Feral Chihuahuas are pre-written (and now incorproating pre-filmed) sketch comedy and stand-up - not improv, and the Mountain Xpress knows better.
  • I also like the change in tone between the Mountain Xpress article and the one in Take 5 assuring the attendees that this will be highbrow and clean.
  • So tonight I think I'm going to actually support local comedy, by passing out Feral Chihuahuas flyers outside the show and then wandering down to the Gag Order show at 35 Below.
  • Brewgrass festival is starting to shape up. Another sampling glass to add to the collection at casa del Bastard. Very excited that the Carolina Chocolate Drops are performing.
  • Happy 147th birthday Lizzie Borden!


JenniferNC said...

Hey GTB,

I'm good friends with Greg Brown of the comedy festival, and will be sure to correct him about the Chihuahuas. He'll probably be thrilled to learn that there's a stand-up troupe in town. He doesn't book performers (his booking agent does), so I'll clue him in to the fact that there might be more local comedy in town than he knew about.

Glad to you see your sunshiny self in the local blogosphere at last. See you at an FC show soon, or over you-know-where. :0)

George the Bastard said...

Hi J - I suspect the booking agent is Summit (like I said in the post, it's been a long time since I've performed on a show that Summit books). Come see our shows - I'm working on a new stand-up project for August that should be different.

JenniferNC said...

The booking agent is some guy in Charlotte; Greg doesn't have the budget yet for a pro. You might just see me in the FC audience tomorrow night & I'll definitely catch the stand-up, too.

JenniferNC said...

Well, Petulant Rumblings is quite something, isn't it?

Greg said...

To clear up a few things, Mike Buczek isnt a "booking agent" he doesn’t work for Heffron or Summuit. He is 22 years old and has a great nose for talent. I cant afford a booking agency. And we will never use a booking agency as it separates me too much from the comic. If I see great talent I book them. So your assumptions were off about Summit.

About the FC and the Oxymorons, I said during the interview they were comedy troupes "both snowballing the comedy scene in Asheville." And I thought it would be a great plug, but you are "pissed"? I thought any live performance comedy in Asheville (especially press) is good for everyone. I am sorry the FC’s were misrepresented in an article I didn’t write.
Greg Brown
Laugh Your Asheville Off CEO