Monday, June 29, 2009

Tickets on sale now for July 3 & 4 Feral Chihuahuas Show

We're just four days away!

Here's what's in store for this week's show

  • The debut of new Feral Chihuahua Adam Meier - see him on film, see him live
  • A new set constructed for this summer season
  • Hysterical live sketches and films that you will see nowhere else
  • Two musical acts
  • Stand-up from George "the" Bastard
  • Pre-show slide-show - come early, sit close and enjoy some pretertainment
Get your tickets now - there's limited seating, and our last show sold out well in advance. Select a date from the drop down menu and you're on your way to Feralton!

Summer Shows

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's funny in Asheville? Lots of Bastardry!

In between rehearsing for the upcoming Feral Chihuahuas season-opener I'm going to be in a few shows over the weekend.

It's the third year of the Asheville Community Theater's Late Night Comedy Series at 35 Below, and this weekend will be two shows by the Oxymorons. These will be the first shows to really feature some of the newer members of the improv group, and will be my re-introduction to improv.

Shows are Friday and Saturday nights, 8pm at 35 Below (enter on Market St). Tickets are only $10

After the show on Saturday, I'll be heading down to NC Stage Company for the Best of No Shame Theatre - my piece "The Rise and Fall of the Alliteranation" was nominated. Show starts at 11 and should be a riot. Tickets are $5 at the door - this will be one of the strangest shows you will ever see!

Why didn't I think of that? And can I steal their idea.

The online Citizen-Times is reporting that a play (involving original music) about Asheville's homeless is going to be produced in Virginia.

Ideas this awesome never come along - homeless people, the musical? When it gets produced, I volunteer to be the ticket-taker.

Hey man, I just need you to come see my show, you see my old lady is with my car at the garage and I just need $3.57 to get to her or I'll lose my car. God bless.

Maybe there'll be room in it for Matt


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get your Tickets Now - Feral Chihuahuas Summer Season!!!!


The Feral Chihuahuas present Summer Sketch Comedy Season 2009.

Four shows of original sketch comedy, films and stand-up with George "the" Bastard.

Each show is going to be performed twice only - on Friday and Saturday nights, 8pm at the Asheville Arts Center.

  • Show 1: July 3 & 4
  • Show 2: July 17 & 18
  • Show 3: July 31 & August 1
  • Show 4: August 14 & 15

Monday, June 22, 2009

Au revoir, hair


Decided to try a new, leaner, meaner, more slim-lined Bastard look for this summer so I cut off most of my hair on Friday.

Rehearsals for the July 3 and 4 Feral Chihuahuas shows start tonight! It's going to be a great show, tickets should be available in the next day or two from our brand-new website.

Tonight you can catch the Oxymorons live at Razcals - I can't be there tonight but that just means that "beer sausage" most likely will not get used in a game.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Au revoir, Caffiend

Mountain Xpress is reporting that the favorite coffee haunt of the Bastard is shutting down tomorrow.

I know it had come close a couple of times, but I was always keeping my fingers crossed - the idea was brilliant, the coffee good, the crowd extremely dingy and sour. They were a sponsor of the Feral Chihuahuas two years ago and I ran a pretty decent open mic night there (with an ugly fallout, but that wasn't Caffiend's fault).

Now I'm going to need to find a new place for morning coffee (it was pointed out on the weekend that I always have either a beer or a coffee in hand).

There's going to be a closeout bash for Caffiend tomorrow night, I'll stop by.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I didn't end up on stage at Razcal's last night, I chatted with the owner and threw in "helpful" suggestions from the crowd. The new owner has really changed the feel of the place, there's an airy game room, amusing food and some very friendly staff. Not a huge crowd, interesting thing was that people who were clearly not there expecting a show stayed and had a good time. I hope we can advertise the next one (NEXT MONDAY 8PM - most likely I'll not be in the cast for this one since I'm scheduled for a Feral Chihuahuas researsal that night).

However there is one other great reason to go to Razcals



This is the greatest name for a menu item ever.

So come out next Monday for some Improv and BEER SAUSAGE

Monday, June 15, 2009

A little bit of Bastard tonight (just a little)

Tonight is the first of the new OxyMorons shows at Razcals. It's a free show, and I've heard the food there has picked up in quality severely. I'm going to be in a few of the larger games, so stop by for a drink and a laugh - show starts at 8pm.

I caught the Beards of Comedy show at 35 Below on Friday. Small crowd, really needed a bit of punching to warm up - this may be an Asheville thing, I've found out if I come out and start shouting and getting in people's faces straight away I get a better reaction than if I try to feel my way into a set. Always tough going to the first show in a series, so I hope they got some good crowds and laughers as the weekend went on.

We're getting closer and closer to the Feral Chihuahuas season opener! July 3 at Asheville Arts Center - more details and ticket information here soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The last temptation of Caine

Well, it appears that David Carradine left this world while choking little grasshopper. What is amazing is that people hunting all around the interweebs for Autoerotic Asphyxiation are landing on our YouTube video of my Autoerotic Asphyxiation sketch from last year's summer season - we're over 20,000 hits on it!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that "The Rise and Fall of the Alliteranation" has been picked for this year's Best of No Shame Theatre, which will be on June 26 at 11pm. I read through it again this week, and I think it's a neat little sketch - doesn't really fit with the work I've been doing with the Feral Chihuahuas but it was fun to write. So it will probably be put to bed after this show - come on out on the 26th at 10pm (come straight from the OxyMorons show and double your Bastard in the one night)!

Stretch your funny weekend out this weekend by coming to see the first OxyMorons show at Razcals on Monday! 8pm for the return of improv to places that legitimately serve alcohol, woohoo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow - this is how you cross the line?

I have a great fondness for "The Chaser" - their urban guerilla stuff (they were the ones who got an Osama Bin Laden impersonator into APEC) is great, but some of their sketch comedy stuff is not so hot. However I'm pretty amazed that they were taken off the air for this sketch (I laughed at it).

The head of ABC comedy was axed because of it.

In the end I'm wondering "why didn't I think of that?"

Monday, June 8, 2009

35 Below Summer Comedy Series is Back

The Feral Chihuahuas are waving a fond farewell to our home of the last two years, 35 Below at the Asheville Community Theatre. It was a terrific venue and the shows there were a lot of fun, but we had to turn a lot of fans away, so we've got a new venue for our shows - we'll be starting our series at the Asheville Arts Center.

35 Below is running the Third Annual Late Night Comedy series (and there's a chance you might even see George "the" Bastard performing). It kicks off this weekend with the Beards of Comedy, highly recommended by the Robot Johnson guys.

And if you make it all the way to Monday, come see the FREE show at Razcals featuring the OxyMorons.

Or go take advantage of the free live show this week downtown that will be the fans of Phish and the Beastie Boys.

The Feral Chihuahuas Are Back

Are you ready Asheville - July 3 and 4 is our first show of out new Summer Season! Tickets will be on sale soon

Here's "CherDonna" from last season's finale show - another Calloway/Bastard production.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh joy, the Beastie Boys

Asheville is about to go berzerk about the Beastie Boys, who I thought had disappeared into a black hole of their own hype men in about 1989. I've had a couple of people ask if I'm interested in going, which makes you realise just how few friends you really have.

It may be worth showing up just to see what the crowd is like. Does Asheville have enough lime green track suits in stock?