Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come see the Feral Chihuahuas this weekend!

It's show #3 of our big summer season - "Introduction to Western Civilization"

We're packing together sketches of historical significance with new films, audience participation, crazy new bits and a possible return of a great hit from the April Fool's Day show - "George 'the' Bastard Reads Notices".

I've got a lot of roles in this show too, probably penance for not being able to be in the last show (I'll be writing and in films, but I won't be on stage for the season finale).

Visit Feralton at the Asheville Arts Center (308 Merrimon Ave) the Friday and Saturday at 8pm to find out

  • Can Emily Dickinson impress her poetry teacher?
  • Did Nirvana write the plot for porn?
  • Can you take financial advice from a man with bad hair?
  • What can the French New Wave do for you?
  • What did Hamlet really do to Ophelia?
  • Whose feet did I give a thorough rubbing to this week?
All that and possibly what she said - 8pm, $10. Buy your tickets now!

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