Friday, February 6, 2009

Time sensitive joke

I don't have any shows coming up in the next few weeks and this joke will be old very soon, so it amused me to hear this morning that Kellogs have dropped Michael Phelps as a spokesperson for photos of him taking bong hits at the University of South Carolina (or as they call it at that USC, extra credit). Great move Kellogs, you make cereal - the last thing you need to be doing is pissing off potheads. Nascar don't distance themselves from rednecks, budwiser is all over drunken sports fans but dear old Kellogs don't want to be seen as the munchies cereal of choice.

In completely unrelated news, I saw this snowman and laughed yesterday. ooooh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh katamari damacy


1 comment:

Graham said...

King of All Cosmos is going to be peeved that The Prince is sitting around on the job.