Monday, November 24, 2008

Recent bastardries

I have been slack in updating the blog - non comedy projects have taken over lately and I haven't had much time to attempt to be funny. The world is the victor in all of this.

I was in Charlotte over the weekend and checked out Charlotte Comedy Theatre's improv group. They do long-form improv on Saturday nights which is definitely worth seeing, though I think they maybe had one or two members too many. They have an interesting performance space in a hallway behind a smoky bar - you can buy drinks from the bar and bring them in. Robot Johnson do shows there sometimes too and there's an open-mic night (next time I'll hand out for open mic and give them a taste of the Bastard).

I was back in Asheville on Sunday and went to see Danielson at the Grey Eagle. This was my second time seeing Danielson and they've had a few major lineup changes, but they were pretty tight and put on a really fun show. I had seen some clips online of the openers, Cryptacize online and they didn't disappoint (and their members bolstered up Danielson). There were no Cryptacize CDs left, so no additions to the You Suck set. Small crowd, but it was a weird night to have a show.

Things are quiet on the Bastard and Feral Chihuahuas front at the moment, as we're busy editing the shows from summer for some highlight shows to go out on URTV. We're targeting an Inauguration show as the next special performance, watch this space for details.


OddBot said...

"What do you call a stage with too many improv people on it?"

Hmmm. There's a lawyer joke in there somewhere.

George the Bastard said...

That is true - I'm sorry I missed your show on Saturday (you should get offer an all-night pass for serious comedy fans, though the 1/2 off coupon is a nice touch), but I only had one day in Charlotte and many bars to visit. I think my next trip to Charlotte is January 11 so if you guys are still doing it then I'll be there.

OddBot said...

If we were good at business, do you think we'd be making people laugh? HA.

We are slated to be there doing saturday shows into the forseeable future, so you should find us there for a while. We're predictable that way.