Sunday, January 27, 2008

Random Bastardry

I checked out the Thirsty Monk on Thursday night (and liked it so much we headed back there after the show on Friday). I knew I was in for a good time when before I'd gotten to the bottom of the stairs, the ever-charming Julie from Bruisin' Ales (and the Bruisin' Ales Beer Blog) said hi. A good night for local bloggers, since a few of the Hooligans were in a little bit later. The place had a decent crowd, but for the long term, they might want to think about a sign or something, a few people went by the door unsure if that was the place or not.

If you were listening very very carefully and randomly, that was me on ESPN Radio's "Gamenight" late last night. I caught them talking about UNCA Basketball and sent in an email that they liked.

Only in Asheville... the Asheville Cribbage Club meets on Monday evenings at Atlanta Bread Company on Sunday evenings.

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Julie said...

George, fun place, no? Just so everyone knows, the TM sign is actually on the side of the "Purple Buildling" on the corner of Patton & Coxe. Problem is, it's only visible driving east on Patton towards downtown or coming up Coxe towards Jack O' The Wood, otherwise you have to wrench you neck or be coming from West Asheville to actually see it.

I'm charming! Who knew!